This is the home site of Károly Kálmán, author of many free applications - including Mini Shut Down Utilities, Wenity, W Google Calendar Notifier and W Prompt. Here you will find the latest news and program versions, so feel free to look around and please leave your impressions here.

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Applications in Nutshell

Mini Shut Down Utilities give you the fastest methods (just a mouse click) to shut down, restart, lock, hibernate, suspend Windows or to log off. [know more][get it]

Wenity is a multiplatform Zenity clone aimed at (shell) script writers helping them to interact with their users by various types of GUI dialogs. [know more][get it]

W Google Calendar Notifier is a desktop application that provides you a convenient way to be notified of due events stored in your Google Calendar. [know more][get it]

W Prompt helps you to remind birthdays and anniversaries stored in the Windows Address Book/Outlook Express. [know more][get it]

Last updated: April, 2014