W Prompt User's Guide

Version: 1.01

This program and documentation is still in infancy, please provide feedback to advance them.


Thank you for choosing W Prompt, a freeware application, which helps you to remind birthdays and anniversaries stored in the Windows Address Book (WAB)/Outlook Express [more info]. For the latest information, please visit the application's home page.


W Prompt requires no special installation, all you have to do is to download the application and unpack it into a folder, then start the WPrompt.exe file.

Recommended operating system: Windows XP SP2, Windows 7
Minimum operating system: Windows 2000
Not tested on: Windows 9x/ME, Vista

  Using W Prompt   

When you start W Prompt it will check for any events (birthday or anniversary) that occur today, tomorrow or within the period you set in the configuration, and will display those events [if any] in the Event List.

W Prompt Event List
W Prompt Event List

Then If W Prompt icon is shown next to the clock, you can use the


Configuration options available from the Options tab:

W Prompt Options tab
W Prompt Options tab

Save Changes: no changes are recorded until you press this button.


Q: How can I restore check mode from "Check on start and quit" to "Check daily"?
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Start W Prompt;
  2. Select the Send to Tray button;
  3. Click on the application's icon next to the clock;
  4. Select the Options tab;
  5. Change check mode and press Save Changes.

  start W Prompt with the -forcedaily parameter (e.g. from the command prompt as: c:\wprompt\WPrompt.exe -forcedaily)

  Application Status   

W Prompt is developed by Károly Kálmán. This program is free to use (freeware), but please regard the followings:

Although this program has been tested very thoroughly, the author does not warrant that it is free from errors.

W Prompt is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.

The author will not be liable for data loss of any kind or damages as a result of using this application.



W Prompt (c) 2007 by Károly Kálmán



LAST UPDATE: Oct 26, 2009